Monday, May 20, 2013

Poor, Sweet Little North Korea

For crying out loud...North Korea.  As if all the attention they've got in the last few weeks isn't enough they have to go and uselessly fire missiles into the ocean.  Maybe I should have called this post "Poor, Sweet Little Ocean."  If you ask me, North Korea is crying out for help.  Like a child, but they have weapons and such.  If it's not a cry for help, then what is it?  Surely they know by now that shooting a few small missiles into the open sea is not going to scare anyone, right?  Ok, maybe it scares some of you, but they aren't fooling me.  Because as much as I will pray for them over the next few days, I am not concerned with the Koreans.  The media, however, would have you to believe that we are on the verge of nuclear holocaust if we don't stop North Korea soon.  I say it's all hogwash.  Kim Jong Un may not be a smart man, but he isn't crazy.  To even fire a missile in the general direction of South Korea or the United States would mean obliteration for the North Koreans.  So I am really not sure what this all about.  Mr. Un wouldn't martyr the entire country for the sake of proving a point, right?  For the life of me I can't understand why they have the look and feel of someone backed into a corner kicking, screaming, and throwing a tantrum.  Who's done anything to them?  All we did was tell them they can't build nuke plants and that they aren't part of the coalition so therefore they can't have nuclear weapons.  Get over it.  If you dont like it, sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and join the big boys (as if we'd let them sign that!).  Otherwise, quit spitting into the ocean breeze.  Because if they keep it up, North Korea is kinda small and it wouldn't take much to put that whole country right into third world status.  I believe that peace talks need to be at the forefront of this situation and I honestly think not enough is being done in that regard.  These people are getting dangerously close to doing something they don't fully understand.  Remember September 11, 2001.  We have destroyed entire countries for similar actions.  Look up how many people died from our hands following 09/11/2001.  I'll help out here just a little.  Over 1,000,000 Iraq civilians and combatants have perished.  Over 49,000 Afghans were slain.  And just a shade over 2,300 Pakistanis have died.  All for something a group of people did.  Imagine what the consequences would be if a country's military does that. Depending on which poll or research website you visit, these numbers vary, but you get the message.  Put down your weapons and back away slowly North Korea.  It can get very real, very quick.