Monday, May 6, 2013

Gun Control

previously posted on  my facebook page on 4-10-13
Gun Control. It's already in place. We have backround checks now and civilians aren't allowed to have automatic weapons (thank God). If the government wants to make the backround check a bit more intensive than it already is, that's fine. The concept of universal backround checks and a national gun registry, now that's gonna upset some people. Is it not a given that people who purchase guns legal channels and are subsequently entered into a national database that holds all their personal info, serial numbers, number of guns owned...etc, are going to be profiled? All this while Joe Schmoe criminal buys and trades guns with other criminals in a parking lot. Why would you need a national database if you didn't one day plan on seizing weapons from everyone whom you know has a gun? As far as the people in charge of writing the new gun laws, holy smokes! One politician said, "by banning high capacity clips the supply will dwindle as they are used up". In the interest of fairness I won't comment. We need legislators that are at least familiar with guns, gun terminology, and how they work. Most of these mass shootings are not being done with semi-auto rifles with high capacity magazines. Most of the people committing these crimes have not obtained their weapons through legal means. The government is coming dangerously close to tampering with 2nd Amendment rights. Of course people are for gun control, what monster isn't for safety? Finally, what if the zombie apocalypse happens and you've taken away everyones defense except for the bad guys? No way Jose, you aint gettin' my heater.