Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's Recreational Bro'

Let me preface this Post by saying that I am angry about this issue.  I am generally reasonable and understanding, but I am pretty upset about the idea of legalizing drugs.  I guess I don't want my children growing up in an America that caves in the face of adversity, rather than standing on high ground and saying "no, we will not make it ok to do drugs."  And now, the Post...Ok guys, here's what we can do whilst we figure out how to legalize weed in Colorado...we implement blood-level limits just like blood-alcohol limits for driving!  That way, we tell 'em they can get baked, but only this much, and they can infer that we are giving our best effort in getting these "recreational marijuana" laws passed in the mean time.  It's pure gold.  Dear God what is happening?  Are we so broke as a country that we are going to legalize marijuana in order to tax it?  Or is it that whole "everyone smokes it anyway we might as well legalize it" argument?  Either way, we are genuinely considering legalizing a DRUG as in Drugs Are Bad.  What sort of message does that send to kids?  They'll say, "Can't wait 'til I get old enough to smoke dodo."  Perhaps in the near future we will begin working on legislation to make cigarettes illegal.  Wait, are we already doing that?  The moral fabric of this country is tearing and it makes me sick.  Oh yeah, what if abortion is really just a means of population control?  Think about it.