Friday, December 4, 2015

Crazy cracker - San Bernardino

I was really struggling over whether or not I wanted to write this post.  But then I thought, my hope and aim with this blog is always to provide someone with a different perspective or to lubricate the rusty gears and maybe get someone thinking in a way they haven’t previously.

San Bernardino.  I know it is still relatively early and preliminary information is still rolling in, but if President Obama does not declare war on ISIS within the next few days, I am going to be a very upset American.  In fact, if it doesn’t happen soon, you better believe something is happening behind closed doors and insulated walls that you do simply cannot know about...or else “they” would have to kill you.  I hate to think that there is a larger more serious issue than innocent American people losing their lives, but lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time innocent people died under cover of a secret agenda.  I get that some things must be kept dark.  I am all for classified information, intelligence, and greater good.  I also believe that a country owes a duty to its citizens to keep them safe from harm, whether the threat is foreign or domestic.

I am ashamed to admit my racism.  The very second that that dude's name was released and I read, "Syed Farook," I was like - oh he is definitely a terrorist.  This was a full 24-36 hours before they released information that the couple or the wife had ties to ISIS.  Even as I was reading the story that he was an American-born guy, had a baby and a wife and government job and was living the dream—I was like, how does anyone think that he is not a terrorist?  I mean c'mon kids.  Syed Farook.

Please accept my sincerest apology.  I am still growing as a person and racism is wrong.

This cracker infiltrated my United States, got a government job right under our noses, bought guns legally in a state with some of the harshest gun laws, traveled back to Saudi (most likely to get a crash course in urban warfare and Killing Americans 101), then proceeded to marry a true life terrorist chik and carry out a plan that I personally believe was laid out five years ago, not last year or last month or whatever it is that we are being told.

If this happens again in the next six months, I will sign the petition to deport every single person residing in the United States that has been to any country in the middle east at any time within the last five years.  Period.  White, American, Christian, Pope, child, jew, black, asian, mexican, politicians, horses, dogs, name it, I want it gone if it has traveled to Islam-town since 2010.  And somebody better find out why every single general and leader of ISIS is named Abu.  Seriously, there’s gotta be something there.  All of them.  Abu.  Look into it.  CIA FBI somebody needs to get on that.

Next, I want to talk about the gosh dang gun law cry babies.  Read this next part slowly for effect and so that it sinks in real good.  STRICTER GUN LAWS WILL NOT MAKE AMERICA A SAFER PLACE TO LIVE.  WHY DO YOU THINK THAT CHANGING THE GUN LAWS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  For crying out loud!  When will it end?  And if that isn’t bad enough, somehow prayer is getting a bad rap?!?!  I suppose it isn’t surprising that non-believers, aka liberals, would be shaming prayer.  Duh.  The problem is that they are doing it in an effort to make a stronger push for more gun laws.

This post is far from a finished product.  Stay tuned.