Thursday, August 1, 2013

God is Sovereign, not Arbitrary

Choose life. There are those who have muddied the waters of the river and rendered it undrinkable.
Free will is what separated us from God. Eve chose to believe Satan’s lie and she could not have foreseen the snowball effect it would have. In His sovereignty, God allowed this to be. However, He also assured us that the very same sovereignty that allows so many wrongs to occur in our world and separated us from God can, when combined with our ability to choose right from wrong, get us back into God’s loving arms. See, Acts 16:31.
Take a look around. There are 2 types of people, believers and non-believers. Personally, I argue that our very existence is evidence of God. Besides, science all but proves there are too many intricate coincidences for nature to have accomplished the formation of our world by happenstance and/or evolution. Now pause for a moment; think on the world, its problems, and its endless supply of atrocities. These actions by humankind show us that God has given free will and that in His sovereignty he allows these things to take place. Granted, judgment is coming.
Now think of the beautiful things that without Him are not, nor could not be possible. If you aren't going to believe, then you are just living to die. Where is your hope? What hope do you leave your children? He has given us the opportunity for the greatest hope of all, and freedom from the dreadful life we would lead were it not for His saving grace.
Self-awareness can be a blessing here because when you look at yourself in relation to the world you can see that, in fact, you are no different and do need a savior, that life everlasting is a futile endeavor without God. This part only makes sense if you believe there is purpose to our lives, which anyone who believes that God put us here to grow old, breed, and die is silly. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. See, John 3:16. He wants us in heaven and He wants us to tell others. That’s our purpose.
This world is full of people who are living proof that we may choose good or evil, life everlasting or eternal damnation. We must accept the grace of God as it is freely given. It will not be forced upon you by Him. I believe everyone is born with an inherent sense of right and wrong, otherwise the world would abound in chaos (it only seems like it does now). Those who do not possess this “inherent sense” are typically classified as "nutty”.
Society will shape you and mold you because you are in the world. Sin is ever present. Resist temptation to do wrong, pray for God's will. Do not conform to this world because it means that you have given up hope. God is not going to arbitrarily call some to Him and shun others. His will is that we all come to Christ. There's a narrow path that leads to eternity, find it. When you do find it, give glory and praise to the one who showed you the way.