Thursday, May 16, 2013

Government Cheeze

The United States goverment sure seems to be losing its grip on things lately.  First, Benghazi.  Then the IRS scandal, and following that debacle, an American spy is caught red-handed trying to recruit Russian secret service agents.  Now, not to scare anyone, but these are things that have been going on for many years.  Many, many years.  So why now are things coming apart at the seams and these standard government operations being found out by Joe Schmoe?  Well, I will tell you that I for one have narrowed it down to a couple of reasons.  1) Carelessness combined with ineptitude.  The people in charge have become so comfortable that oversight became a reality.  It was only a matter of time.  Also, many of the positions of control within the government have changed over the last 10 years.  New leadership often means new obstacles and as we have seen, not all ivy league attenders are bright. :) FYI - The 17 people that were dismissed from nuclear bomb duty by the Air Force a couple of weeks ago were, "young adults."  Is it a bit scary that the ones in charge of nuclear holocaust are just grown child prodigies who were probably spending a majority of their time playing video games instead of running real life drills?  I am not sure why I never thought of it before now.  Of course high-priority military weapons would be in the capable hands of a savant, but a group of guys between the age of 18-26 with an average IQ of 150 is probably not the best idea.  Too much to talking and not enough stimulation leads to many hours of PlayStation and less hours focusing on our National defense.  Awesome.  2) My other theory is that maybe, just maybe, the end really is near.  Maybe these are genuine end time scenarios playing out for the world to see.  I am still looking out for more evidence of that, but I do think its a likely possibility.  When you really look at things, there's evidence that the world is slowly approaching global socialism. Deep stuff man, deep.