Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy Smokes

Mikey Weinstein.  Now here's a man that desperately wants people to believe in him.  He all but forced the Pentagon to defend itself against his gross accusations.  The Pentagon has clarified that "proselytization" is not going to be tolerated.  That is, you may not induce/force someone to convert to your religion.  Sounds reasonable to me.  The Pentagon stated (and I paraphrase), "of course you can profess your faith to other soldiers."  "Of course you can evangelize to other soldiers."  Yes, evangelize. These last bits were omitted in the recent ravings of Mr. Weinstein.  I am not going to go into Mr. Weinstein's past.  Please read as much you can about this genius before swallowing what he's handing out. What I will say, is that we as Christians need to be much more careful about what and whom we listen to.  Don't just read every conservative news article available.  There is so much information out there that to only accept one or two sources as truth, is absurd.  Read up on the issue and educate yourself.  The media is powerful, but it's much worse if you let it steer you.  Example: When someone said to me, "Did you hear that the military is considering punishing soldiers for professing their faith?," the first thing I did was start looking for information relating to or regarding the topic of proselytization in the military.  If something doesn't sound right in your heart or in your head, look it up because you probably aren't getting the whole story.  I don't claim to know more than anyone else about this or any other topic, but I probably do. :)